Who are we?

Time On The Line is a group of people who love to fly… kites, that is…. and indoor kites especially.  We fly every Friday morning, rain, shine, winter, summer for two hours from 9:30 – 11:30am in the new Dorchester Community Centre gymnasium.    We have a variety of single line indoor kites that we fly (Walas,  iFlites,  eMongs,  Laimas,  larger gliders,  small gliders,  Wala XLs,  Air-Yos) but everybody starts out on the Wala kite made by Flying Wings.  I have a few “teaching Walas” that learners can use until they decide if they like it and want to purchase their own.

Some of the kiters are venturing into outdoor flying.  Shelley has a few single line display kites, Bill and Norma each have a pair of dual-line stunt kites and a brand new Rev, Mark has three dual-line stunt kites, and I have a bag full of single, dual, and quad kites for outdoor flying.    Our International connection, Jimmy and Kris, from Illinois have a truck full of indoor and outdoor kites.  My favourite go-to kites outdoors are my “OCanada” red and white Revs … the full sail for light winds and the vented one for gustier winds.


4 thoughts on “Who are we?

    1. Leah, we fly every Friday morning and the public is welcome to come and watch. Its a gymnasium so there are only a few benches on the sides. If you would like to try to fly, I have a few spare kites and would be willing to teach you how. You must have proper footwear (running shoes) and comfortable clothing.

    1. Try “Great Canadian Kite Company” (Alberta) or “Kite Guys” (Alberta)…. they have carried them before. But you are right… none in Ontario. Sorry. I get mine from Texas when friends come back from their winter sojourns.

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